When Sin Is Congratulated

May 1, 2013
English: , American basketball player for the ...

English: , American basketball player for the Washington Wizards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are some very sick people in this country.  Jason Collins, a professional basketball player with the Washington Wizards came out of the showers yesterday to announce he wasn’t a heterosexual. This was big news to the media and to many in sports.

Many of these NBA players supported Collins even calling people ignorant who don’t support him. Barack Obama, never mind Syria, Korea, Iran, the economy and so many other problems, called Collins to congratulate him for being so brave and strong. Michelle Obama told Collins “We Have Your Back”. Sorry Michelle, speak for yourself. I don’t have his back; especially his back.

This MSM is absolutely Gay (Happy) about all this. Yes whoever doesn’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle is a Homophobe. There are too many descriptions for phobes these days. If you’re against Muslims you’re an Islamophobe. If you’re against immigration I guess you’re a Immiphobe. If you’re against being called one of these phobes you’re a phobeaphobe. I would put myself in all of the above categories. I’m also an Abortion phobe, an Adulterous phobe and most certainly a Barack Obamaphobe. Though I’m against these names I can call these people Christaphobes.

This is just so unbelievable that now a person who sins against God gets congratulated. So being sick and perverted gets you congratulated. When will Obama call The Boston Bombathon killer to congratulate him on such fine bombs he and his brother made unless he has done this already. God has called the sin of homosexuality an Abomination but why listen to what God says. This is a different world. God should be more with it. It’s only sin. What’s the worse that can happen: a trip of Eternity in Hell: but with Climate Change it might not be as hot there as it once was.

Yes we do live in a different world. It seems like almost everyone has a friend or a family member who is homosexual. How boring my life is! I don’t have any family members or friends who are homosexual. Of course to some of my friends who don’t like this article I won’t have any friends: straight or crooked.

I’ve played sports for most of my younger days and I would not shower nor would I change in front of “One Of Them”. That was said that way because that’s what we’re accused of saying. I sure would hate to drop my soap in the shower with one Looking on. I wouldn’t want a homosexual as a partner if I were a Police Officer nor would I want to go to battle with one.

The main reason, though, for this article is once again, someone being congratulated and being made out a hero for his or her sins. We have lost sight of what right and wrong is. As the Bible states: In the End Times “Right will be Wrong” and “Wrong will be Right”. That is exactly what’s happening in today’s world.

Even Bill “Slick Willie”Clinton called in the congratulate the sick pervert. That had to be easy coming from another sick pervert. It seems the morals of this country went down in the late 1960’s but further deteriorated during the Clinton’s (Plural) years.

I guess I’m just an old fashioned ultra conservative that can’t get with the times but that’s what I want to be. I guess I’m not real tolerant. So be it!!!


by:Robert Bretz

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