Trump Won! Republicans Won! So What Now?

November 28, 2016

So now, three weeks after the most disturbing election in my time, I have to wonder what will happen now. Donald Trump will now be the next President. The republicans held on to their slim margin in the Senate and only lost a few seats in the House. These are the same ones who helped Obama explode the deficit. Trump has said he wants to continue spending to get the economy going. This of course is known as Keynesian economics, government spending to get the economy working. This is just a terrible idea and look what has happened the last 8 to 12 years. Government spending is not the solution. The solution is to have the people be able to spend. Cut tax rates and make sure that businesses get good rate reductions. This way more people will be working and be able to spend more of their money. You can’t spend what the government is taking away from you. You can’t have this happen when you have an unemployment rate of over 10%. Of course, the way the Obama Labor Department figures out unemployment is to leave out the people who don’t receive Unemployment Benifits anymore and have stopped looking for work. What else would you expect from Obama, who took away the title of worst president from Jimmy Carter. But, at least Hillary Clinton lost.

Trump is the same person as he always was: a cheat, vulgar, crude, immature, immoral ungodly and a bully who has always been a leftist. I still strongly feel that he is unfit to be president. He just spent $25 million to settle a lawsuit from his, now defunct, Trump University. One down and 400 some lawsuits to go. Does anyone really think a person can change after being a jerk for most of his 70 years here on earth? Should we look back at the primaries and see what kind of a man he is? Let’s see, he made fun of a reporters handicap, he made fun of the way Carly Fiorina looks, said Mygyn Kelly had blood coming out of all places, went along with the National Enquirer story that Ted Cruz’s dad, Rafeal Cruz, was handing out leaflets with Lee Harvey Oswald, John Kennedy’s killer. Trump, also, linked Cruz’s father to the Kennedy assassination. I could go on but why when we know that Trump is as much as a pathological liar as Hillary Clinton. But, at least Hillary Clinton lost.

I do have to say that Trump’s nominations, for his Cabinet, have been good. If he names Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, then I take back saying his nominations are good. I guess many of us are waiting to see Trump’s first couple of nominations for the Supreme Court. He says they will be Pro Life but I don’t believe that Trump was Pro Life until he started to run for the Republican Presidency. Trump will probably be able to nominate three Supreme Court Justices. He’ll have to fill the vacancy from the death of Antonin Scalia. Anthony Kennedy has said that he would retire once there is a republican president. The third nomination will most likely be for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I can’t see how she’s hung on this long. Then we’ll have to see who Trump nominates for Appeals Court and Federal Court judges. These are very important as well. But, Hillary Clinton lost.

One thing that I believe Trump will do is be a strong opponent of ISIS, Al Queda and most terrorist groups. He won’t be like Obama where Obama didn’t do anything for obvious reasons. I hope we’ll be stronger at the borders too. I doubt that Trump will build a wall at the Mexican border. Even if he actually wanted to, he’ll have strong opposition within the Republican Party with the likes of John McCain, Jeff Flake, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham. If I were president I’d put former Congressman, Tom Tancredo in charge of INS. Tancredo is a fierce opponent of illegals but I wouldn’t think that Trump even knows Tancredo or what he stands for. I would hope that we will have a better relationship with Israel but Trump has said he wanted to be neutral with Israel and the Palestinians. That’s not a smart idea. We need to be strong allies of Israel and protect them. I doubt that Trump will recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel as all the other presidents have failed to do, even though God has said that Jerusalem will always be Israels capitol. Did you hear that Hillary Clinton lost?

Getting back to the republicans in the Senate and the House. Though they will vote again in January for their leaders, when a new session of Congress starts, they already voted for the same leadership which is a disaster. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell’s, Ky. conservative voting record is 49%, the one who has said he hates conservatives, will be the Majority Senate leader with John Cornyn, TX. 48%, John Thune, SD 51%, John Barrasso, WY. 55%, and Roy Blunt, Mo. 49% also in leadership roles. All are liberal republicans. I know John Thune and I’m so disappointed in him. In the House Paul Ryan, Wi. will again be Speaker. Ryan started out as a very good conservative but now he’s a moderate at best. They don’t list the Speakers conservative voting record because they rarely vote. Then the Majority leader is Kevin McCarthy, Ca. 53%, Majority Whip is Steve Scalise, La. 59%. Others in the House leadership are Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Wa. 59% and Luke Messer, In. 71%, the only one of the leadership with a passing grade. So nothing much has changed or will change unless we really get strong leadership from Donald Trump, but Trump has said he doesn’t need any conservatives to help him win and has said that he isn’t, at all, a conservative. And Hillary Clinton has lost.

Though even with winning the Presidency, the Senate and the House, the future for the United States looks bleak but would be much worse had Hillary Clinton won.

Robert Bretz





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