This World Has Passed Me By

June 27, 2013

Yes I have to admit this world, as it is today, has passed me by. All we have to do is look and see the changes that are happening in our own country. The SCOTUS has ruled that homosexual marriages are alright. Are they really though? Doesn’t God say that homosexuality is an Abomination. I expressed my views about this in my last article.

That’s not the only problem we have. There are some women who use abortion as birth control. My younger son new a girl who had 5 abortions. That’s insane. People make mistakes but 5 abortions! Much of our problems are that we don’t respect life. How can we when if you don’t want your baby you just abort it. No questions asked. Of course these women say they can do whatever they want because it’s their body. There’s two ways of looking at that premise. First we’re not just talking about the women’s body but the body of another human being growing inside that woman. Secondly I truly believe that our bodies are on loan to us from God. Why is it that if a pregnant woman is murdered the murderer is charged with two killings but if the woman has an abortion nothing is said or done?  What am I missing here? Believe it or not you women on the left and some on the right abortion is MURDER. There’s no way you can get around that though you’ll try.

We have Barack Obama destroying our country because he and the left hate the greatest country God has ever given anyone. The Keystone Pipeline is as good as through. He’s at war with oil and coal. This only means our electric and heating bills will go up by at least 33% but what does he care. It certainly won’t affect his or Michelle’s vacations where they can spent hundreds of thousands of dollars that we’re paying for.

When Obama, last week, went to the G8 summit, in Ireland, Michelle took Air Force 2 so that she and her entourage of over 30 others could stay in Ireland a few extra days staying at a hotel where each room cost more than $3000.00 a night. Times that by 30 and that’s quite a bit of our money but we owe it to the Obama’s because they think they’re Royalty.

We have a Congress like none before. Where did the conservatives go? Right Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, caves in to everything that Obama wants. He’s either too drunk to know what’s going on or just doesn’t care. As long as he, too, has his freebies, as Speaker, forget the country. In the good old days, when Ronald Reagan was President the democrats were bad but they didn’t want to destroy us or hate the country. Now the democratic party is the Marxist/Communist Party.

Now it’s really hard to distinguish the difference between the two parties. We have many of the republicans pushing for this Illegal Amnesty Bill saying it will be the end of the party if it isn’t passed. I’ve got news for them. If it is passed it will be the end of the republican party. Republicans think they can treat conservatives any way they want to and that they’ll get their vote anyways. Well times have changed. We conservatives will not go out and vote anymore if there isn’t any difference between the parties. We saw this in the last election when Mitt Romney received 3 Million less votes than Insane McCain did in 2008. I believe that when the party put up McCain to run for President that was the beginning to the end. The reason people came out to work for McCain and vote for him was because he chose Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. As I said a little while ago we conservatives are through being taken advantage of. Give us a good conservative candidate be it for the House, Senate, Governor, State Representatives or the Presidency and we’ll work hard to get that person elected. Give us another McCain, Romney or Rubio and we’ll sit home on election day.

As for me personally I’m tired of feeling nervous and depressed all the time and it’s not just about politics. People, in general, have changed. I see it every day if it’s driving or in a store. Wherever. People have become self serving and arrogant. They’re the only ones who matter. I’m so full of anger with all these situations and no place to vent this anger. I can go on Face Book and vent and make comments but many times my comments are just disregarded.  I guess I never realized how boring I was. So as of now I have no where to go with my anger, anxiety and depression.

I do have Jesus Christ in my life and that’s a tremendous help but when all these things hit you it’s very hard.

Just today driving on the Expressway I was going 70 in a 65 miles per hour highway and this woman was right on the back of my car. It wasn’t as if I was going too slow but this is the way people are. They’re in such a hurry to go nowhere. They don’t even care what kind of accidents they might cause. I’m sorry to say that I’m the wrong person that shouldn’t be angered by another. I’m not proud of it but over the years I’ve become this way because of the changes in our society.

As the title says this world has passed me by because I don’t like the change that is happening. When I was working as President of a few Credit Unions I loved change but that was change for the better. I truly believe this country really went into a down spin during the Clinton years. Here we had a President who was such a low life and now we have Obama who is just an EVIL SNAKE.

I feel like I’m ranting but I have to put my thoughts into words. Everything is changing. Sports are changing big time. Many athletes today make over $20 Million a year and they act like complete jerks. Today, the tight end of the New England Patriots was arrested and charged with murder. There have been 28 arrest in football since the Super Bowl. I used to love sports and played then for a long time and I have all the scars from my 15 orthopedic operations to show for it plus if you’d see my hands you’d see my fingers going all different ways.

But in today’s sports these over priced athletes pitch one inning per game and maybe pitch two games in a row and they need to be rested for a few days. In my day we didn’t nor would we come out of a game no matter how bad you were hurting because if you came out that could be the last time you played because you were worried someone else would take your place.

So the world has changed and for me not for the good. Yes the world has passed me by and there’s nothing I can do about but stay awake nights worrying about my family, friends and my country and get up the next morning to see what terrible thing will happen next.

I always fought for things my whole life but now I feel I can’t anymore. There just isn’t any way to understand this country and world anymore.


by: Robert Bretz

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