The South Shall Rise Again, But First!

December 7, 2012

Now that the so called elections are behind us all you hear is talk about how the Republicans have to change this and change that. They have to make one very big change and that change needs to be getting back to conservatism.

Conservatism seems to be lost to the Republican party. All you hear is how we need to be more moderate. We need to drop our fight against illegal immigration. We have to reach out more to minorities and so on. These things have been done to no avail. We’ve tried everything but not what got the Republican party their majorities: conservatism.

The Republican party keeps electing the same moderate leaders. Leaders such as John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander. Can anyone tell which of the names I’ve mentioned that are true conservatives?

John Boehner has taken away plum Committee posts from 6 who opposed his leadership. McConnell did the same last year to Jim DeMint. Most of these legislators were conservative.

So to begin with, the Republican party needs new leadership. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Trent Frank of Arizona or Michele Bachmann of Minnesota would be ideal to take the 3 leadership positions in the House. In the Senate I’d love to see the leadership consist of Jim DeMint of South Carolina, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

With this kind of leadership we wouldn’t be seeing Obama get everything he wants. He asks Boehner for a raise in the Debt Ceiling and gets it. He gets anything he wants because Boehner has no backbone. Maybe Boehner never had a backbone. One wouldn’t think so with all the crying(literally) he does.

For too many years the Republican establishment has given us the likes of Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney for our choice of President. Though I have to say that Romney was a good honorable man, he wasn’t any kind of conservative. He was much like George W. Bush. While Bush really cared for our military and there was nothing phony about it he wasn’t much of a conservative. The only real conservative we had for President, in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan. Reagan wasn’t perfect but he was a great President

So besides a conservative President we need conservatives in the House and Senate. People who aren’t afraid of doing what’s good for America. Almost every time someone has run as a conservative they’ve won with the exception of this past fraudulent election. The Republicans had some good conservatives running such as Josh Mandel from Ohio, Jeff Flake from Arizona, Deb Fischer from Nebraska, Dan Bongino from Maryland and Tom Smith from Pennsylvania. We had many right of center people running but couldn’t make it. Denny Rehberg from Montana could have won if there wasn’t a Libertarian also running siphoning off Republican votes. I still can’t believe Rick Berg from North Dakota didn’t win. This was a state that Romney actually won. Todd Akin should have dropped out from the beginning but his ego was bigger than the country to him.

Many of these Republicans would have won had Romney won their states. Connie Mack could have won as could have George Allen, Josh Mandel and Tom Smith if only Romney didn’t go into a prevent defense after the second debate. All these so called experts and they couldn’t bring home a victory against a President who had an 8% unemployment, a $16 Trillion deficit and problems all over the Middle East which he, himself caused.

I won’t back down about needing more conservatives and conservative leadership. The world is laughing at us. No one was laughing at Reagan and if they did, they’d find a few bombs in their palace. We need people to understand that you shouldn’t get everything for free. Forget the Obama phones, the food stamps, someone paying for your mortgage. When I had to go on disability we had to sell our house and our Florida Condominium. Of course we didn’t want to but that’s what had to be done.

We need people strong enough to say no. When was the last time a cut in spending was actually a cut and not a cut in the increase from the year before? We need actual cuts. We need to get rid of Planned Parenthood. Obama can only lie to the brain dead about this but PP does not do Mammograms. They don’t have licenses to do them. They’re in business for one thing and that’s to perform murder. We have to stop giving to the Arts, to Public Radio and TV. They have their fundraisers. We shouldn’t pay for that. We have to get out of the United Nations and stop sending foreign aid to our enemies.

We need to get rid of many cabinet positions. A good start would be getting rid of the Department Of Education. It doesn’t help the kids in any way. It’s just another leftist organization caring only for the money and forget the kids. These kids in the inner cities aren’t learning anything. They’re being dumb ed down. So by doing this many great minds are being lost because many of the teachers don’t care. They care about their unions and what they can get for nothing while complaining how little they get paid and how hard they have it working 9 1/2 months a year and having every holiday off even Christmas which the left hates and we’re not supposed to say it because we might hurt some Atheist or Muslims feelings. Too bad. You don’t like it don’t celebrate it or go back home.

When it comes to Immigration the Immigrants, including Hispanics, who came here legally already are voting for Republicans. It’s the illegals who don’t have a right to vote but do so anyways. These are the ones who vote for the party that gives everything away. First what we need is to build a wall and have our guards actually be able to guard our borders and let these guards know that the government has their back. Let them know that if they shoot someone and Mexico protests we will stand behind them and let them know how important they are. Anyone who comes to America should be taught to speak English and English should be the language of the land. It would make our phone calls shorter not having to listen to press 1 or press 2 and so on. We should have the right to stop anyone we deem suspicious and if we find that they are illegal they get to go on a trip and that would be back home. If they have family here let the family move back to Mexico or wherever with them. It’s time to get tough and not take this crap anymore. As I said before we need to build a Wall. Come to America legally like your ancestors have done.

Why in the world is anyone getting almost 2 years of unemployment. Who’s want to work knowing you have all that time not to work. If you get sick go to the hospital. They have to accept you. The rest of us will gladly pay for all you deadbeats. After 2 years your want to work or your pride is usually gone. When your unemployment is gone you can apply for disability because of all your stress of being unemployed. Unemployment should be for 6 months with maybe p months if we’re in a bad recession. People will milk these things forever.

Somehow or someway we have to get rid of Obama care even if it means we have to wait until the 2016 elections if we really have one then. If people don’t want health care they shouldn’t have to have it but realize the consequences. Another thing is why should anyone 18 or over be on their parents insurance. Once you get out of school find a job.

Our foreign policy is worse than when Jimmy Carter was president. Obama has such a hate for Israel. I’m afraid that Israel is on their own now. We’ll pretend that we want to help them but Obama could never go against his Muslim brothers. Wouldn’t you love to see the White House guest log to see who comes and goes from there. The Muslim Brotherhood are frequent visitors there. I bet they don’t have to wait hours to see Obama or that they don’t have to come through the back door as Benjamin Netanyahu had to. All of Obama’s hate for Israel will make us suffer. God will hold the country responsible for what their leaders do. Anyone who will be a friend and help Israel God will help but whoever turns their back on Israel will suffer Gods wrath.

I would think that many will disagree with me on this article or say I don’t have any compassion but these are tough times and we have to get tough. You don’t play nice with your enemy. We also have to stop these giveaways. Yes there are truly needy and they can’t be forgotten but there are far too many taken advantage of these program

The House is finally getting good conservatives in but again have to get rid of Boehner and Cantor. Everyone should know who the RINO’s are in their states and start doing something about getting rid of them.

The senate is finally seeing some very good conservatives from the last 2 elections.

All this could be too late but we can’t give up. We need God’s help and he needs to hear our prayers.

by:Robert Bretz

This article was already written before Senator Jim DeMint took over the position of President of The Heritage Foundation.



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