The Sickness We’re Living Through

June 3, 2014

As Ronald Reagan used to say: Here they go again. The left is becoming more insane by the day. I just read where Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Murder City, Chicago, wants to hire illegal aliens for jobs in his city. It doesn’t seem to matter that unemployment is 7.3 % although I don’t believe it’s that low. I believe I recently read that it was 8.6%. They, like many others, don’t count the people who have given up looking for a job. Why should these people look if the illegals are going to get these jobs anyway? The only thing I can hope for is they get jobs on the south side of Chicago and have to work Friday and Saturday nights.

Then there’s C.A.I.R., the supposedly moderate Islamic group that never denounces any kind of terrorism and is always complaining that Muslims are being discriminated against. Well let’s take a look at why this could be. Recently a Muslim man killed his wife because he didn’t like the meal she cooked for him. Now he says he should go unpunished because that’s the law of his beliefs. Guess what, idiot, you’re living in the United States where we don’t have savage laws yet. They want schools to have Islamic food: whatever that is, maybe a ham sandwich? I really don’t know what they eat besides dogs, snakes and other such fine delicacies. It’s not that they want,.it’s that they demand. The politically correct people here in America just keep going along with their demands so they’re not offended. Actually the only people that can be offended are Christians.

Christians are being slaughtered in most Mid East countries, with the exception, of course, by Israel. Yet nothing is being done about this. Barack Obama doesn’t care at all. All you hear from Obama is that he is a Christian while bowing to the Saudi Prince and others. This is a man who hates the country he runs. He says the sweetest sound he knows is the “Islamic call to Prayer”. More quotes from Obama are “I made it clear that America is not at war with Islam and never will be. I know that Islam has always been a part of American history. We do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation”: and his definition of sin is being out of alignment with my values. There are so many more but we, who know this man is not a Christian are labeled Conspiracy Theorist.

When will Obama use his executive order to give amnesty to the 30 million illegals here in the United States. He always states that his administration has sent the most illegals back to Mexico. He says this because he counts the ones captured trying to sneak in at the border but are caught as ones sent back. Is there anything, anything at all that we can believe that Obama says. I won’t put a question mark there because  we know the answer and it really isn’t a question.

How many scandals will it take before Republicans to try and impeach him? Every scandal he first hears about  from the media is at the same time we do. Now that’s getting old.

Let’s put down some of the scandals. Some, many don’t remember anymore because that’s the way Obama operates; going from one scandal to the other so the last one won’t be remembered. So there’s Fast and Furious, Benghazi, where Hillary Clinton still claims,  was because of the Video where the maker of this is still rotting away in jail. Others are the IRS, the NSA, the VA and too numerous to put down because, I guess, there’s not a smidgen of truth to any of these. The worse part is Bill O’Reilly believes this and calls Obama an American Patriot.

Now what about the American Marine, Andrew Tahmooressi, locked up in jail for making a wrong turn at the Mexican Border. Yes, he had 3 weapons with him but he immediately told the Mexican agents about these. I don’t believe he was a gun smuggler. John Kerry, Secretary of State and Vietnam War hero but only to the Vietcong and the liberal media,was in Mexico recently. He said he spoke to officials there about Andrew. My question is: why didn’t he bring Tahmooressi back home with him? We give millions if not billions of dollars to Mexico so he could have demanded this. The problem is that Obama, Kerry and most of the left hate our military.

Beside all this we had another shooting on a college campus in Santa Barbara. The man or the insane person, Elliot Rodger first used his knife to kill 3 people and then shot 3 more including himself. Rodger was judged schizophrenic by Psychiatrists but when Rodger found out what that meant he stopped taking his medication because he didn’t like the word. Of course the all knowing Dana Perino from “The Five”, on Fox, said the Psychiatrists didn’t find anything wrong with him. Police went to his house the same day or day before  the killings at the urging of Rodger’s parents. The police found him to be polite and didn’t seem to have any problems even though they were aware of his crazy video’s in which he said he hated women and the guys who dated these women. He wondered why they didn’t give him any time. Maybe it was because these women found him insane and weird. All the police had to do was look in his room to find the weapons he used for these murders. Now would the police need a Search Warrant or not? I don’t know.

This brings up another episode in the same area of Santa Barbara in 2001. David Atlas, son of a Hollywood director, drove his Saab into a crowd of college kids killing 4 and permanently injuring one other. He called himself “The Angel of Death”. He was released in 2012. Now we have to wonder if or when he kill again. The Judicial System stinks and these weirdos are back on the street because of some Marxist Judge who feels that these killers are the victims.

When did all this crazy stuff begin at such a terrible rate? In the 1960’s and 1970’s we had the “Tower shootings”, at the University of Texas in  Austin where the deranged Charles Whitman who had already killed his mother and wife went on a shooting spree killing 13 and wounding 43 people. Then we had Richard Speck who in July 14, 1966 killed 8 student nurses. And then we had the Boston strangler who sexually savaged 11 women and killed them. This was in 1966. Yes, we always had the insane but now it’s almost a daily happening.

Anyone have an answer? We can elect as many good politicians as possible but after they make a good law to protect us, some judge will say it’s unconstitutional. We, ourselves, vote against things like gay marriage but our votes don’t count anymore because of some moronic judge.

I just don’t remember so many things happening before the 1990’s and now in the 21st Century. I believe God has taken his protective hand off the United States and will let us suffer for denying him and Jesus.

Now all we have to do is wait for the next scandal or mass killings and hear the talk about more gun control. In the case of Elliot Rodger we need knife control.


By: Robert Bretz


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