February 17, 2014

The title certainly is an understatement. The leadership of the Republican Party has given up or have gone to the other side.

First of all we have to look and see that Obama has his FEMA and Homeland Security Army.. What is being done about it?  Nothing! I saw, on U Tube, a   video of 5 people who were in his army. The were all lined up behind one another and singing the Obama worship song “I’m Proud Because I can Say My ABC’s, I’m proud. Then each one spoke and said why he could get anywhere because of Obama. The first one said: Because of Barack Obama I can be a drug dealer: the second one said because of Barack Obama I can be a pimp: next the third one said my name is Sam Son and I’m a homosexual and I can play professional football and can’t wait to get in the locker room with those big brutes: the fourth one said because of Barack Obama I don’t have to work and that’s a good thing. Now I can get my welfare checks and food stamps all on the same day and the fifth one said, in Spanish, I can make more money than you stinging Americans because I’m illegal and no one is going to do anything about it and we’re going to be number 1 on the phone system to press. Of course these are exagerations but there were these five black guys saying they could do different things because of Obama. They were part of Obama’s FEMA army.

So now the Republican Leadership all voted to increase the debt ceiling without ANY cuts. NONE!!! Yes, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy from the House and Mitch McConnell, Jon Cornyn and John Thune from the Senate. Every debt increase Obama has wanted he has got with little or no spending cuts.

If you’re going to raise the debt ceiling you need to offset it with spending cuts. I don’t remember the last time there was a real cut in spending unless it was for the Military and our brave men and women fighting for this country so the dirtbags can have their freedoms which are more than the average American gets. The way Washington works with spending cuts is to cut the increase from the year before. So if Planned Murderhood received an increase of 10% in 2012, a cut would actually be that they would only receibe 8% in 2013.

Now we can talk a little about Obama care.Everything that Ted Cruz stood up for during the last shutdown Obama did a few months later though every time Obama changes anything about Obamacare he’s doing it unlawfully. Once a law is passed a president can not arbitrarilly change anything about this law or bill unless the House and the Senate vote for this again.

There just isn’t anything or anyone stopping Obama and that’s one of the reasons we need new leadership. He’s the Imperialistic President who does what he wants and when he wants. He recently told the leader of France that I can do anything I want. Of course, the spineless republicans do nothing but say we have to stop this and never do.

John Boehner supposedly is stopping all committees looking into Benghazi. Is Boehner and the rest part of Obama’s plan to destroy the United States. Sure seems so. I read that their were dozens of US ships around the area of Benghazi when Andrew Stevens and and the other three brave Americans were killed. Was Stevens killed beacuse he knew too much about the Obama Regime arming Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood, which, in fact, are one and the same. We all should realize that Obama wants the Brotherhood, in power, in all the Arab States.

Again we need new leadership to somehow fight this terrible man and his ilk. People like Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, John Kerry. Though Kerry is the laughing stock in Europe, Israel and the Arab states. Then we have to remember the ones not there anymore: Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano and Van Jones. These people all come from the school of Saul Alinsky and many are avowed communists.

So where do we find this leadership? In the House we could start with Jeb Hensarling of Texas as Speaker, Jim Jordan of Ohio as Majority Leader and Trey Gowdy of South Carolina as Majority Whip or any of these men could flip flop positions. Other good conservatives, in the House are Trent Franks, David Schweikert and Matt Salmon of Arizona. Their are many more and most of the true conservatives come from Texas, South Carolina and probably the most conseratives are from Georgia led by Paul Broun who probably will be running for the Senate to replace the retiring and RINO, Saxby Chambliss. So with proper leadership, in the House, a lot could get done or hold back Obama.

The Senate is a different story. Though Mitch McConnell has a 80% conservative rating he’s not the leader that the republicans need. He, too, is spineless and is losing to the democrat in this years election. He has a very poor rating among most Kentuckians, if that’s the right word. John Cornyn is second, in leadership and he has a conservative rating of 86% but doesn’t vote with conservatives with many important bills such as the debt ceiling. Of course I would love to see every republican with a 100% conservative voting record.

For leadership possibilties, in the Senate, besides Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul their aren’t many others. I don’t believe that the above 3 would get any leadership position because there are so many moderates and RINO’s that don’t like them. I guess we could look at Jeff Sessions from Alabama as one and maybe Jim Risch from Idaho as another but Sessions rating is only 79% though he is fighting hard against illegal amnesty. One other that could make a good leader is Tim Scott from South Carolina. I always liked John Thune and have spoken to him and get updates from him but he, too, voted to incease the debt ceiling and only has a 65% rating.

Even if the republicans take control of the Senate this year and they should, they need to stop the moderates and RINO’s like John McCain, Richard Burr, Jeff Flake, Mike Kirk, Susan Collins, Pat Toomey, Kelley Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, although hopefully he’ll be gone after South Carolina’s primary this year and so many more. That’s why we need conservatives to win in Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carlina as well as in South Dakota, Montana and Colorado. It would be great if we conseratives could pull out victories in West Virginia, Iowa and Michigan as well.

As I see it is if the leadership keeps caving in to Obama we’re not going  anywhere but to total destruction. We have to stand up to his lawlessness even if it means not going along with what he dictates. This is where Republicans will need a spine. If Congress doesn’t do anything about this I say it’s left to “We The People” to save our country. If not and if we don’t take the Senate, this year, we are done and we’ll be, to quote  Mark Steyne’s book, “The Late Great United States”.

by: Robert Bretz

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