Predictions For 2013

December 28, 2012

I will give all of you my predictions I have made for 2013. Maybe there are some you won’t agree with but we’ll find out at the end of 2013 how many will be true.


My first predictions is:

Hillary Clinton will be asked by reporters how she feels about homosexuality. Her answer will be: I can go either way.

Next Barack Obama will renounce Islam and will start to study the Jewish Religion.

Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Lindsey”Wimpy” Graham will do a remake of the movie “The Three Amigos”.

Nancy Pelosi will get her beloved airplane back even though she’s not the Speaker Of The House anymore. Obama will believe she knows too much about the inner happenings of the White House and give her a Kamikaze pilot.

Ellen Degenerate and Barney Frank will get married. Ellen will wear a gray tuxedo and Barney will wear a stunning pink Wedding Dress because he’s unable to wear white.

New Secretary of State, John Kerry, while visiting Vietnam, will be badly hurt in a Swift Boat accident.

Attorney General, Eric Holder will be shot in Mexico by guns supplied by Americans.. This will make Holder very Furious in a Fast period of time.

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will ban city residents from breathing  as not to pollute the air. Residents will go underground to breath, have a 44oz. Coke and salt for their  fries.

San Francisco will ban people from wearing any kind of clothing when in the city.

Diane Feinstein will propose to ban water pistols.

Border fences will finally be made with swinging gates every 10 feet.

Dick Cheney will invite Barack Obama on a hunting trip. Obama will decline invitation.

All Fast Food Restaurants will be unionized. Big Mac’s will now be $15.99 and fries will cost $7.50.

Osama bin laden, cleanly shaved and wearing a crew cut will show up at the White House where they will be honoring “Terrorist of the Century”.

State Department Mail Room Clerk will be fired from his job and sentenced to life in prison for his part of the Benghazi cover up.

John Boehner will call Press Conference letting the American people know he gave Obama everything he asked for to save us from The Fiscal Cliff. Obama turns everything down. This leaves Boehner in tears.

Bob Costas will be appointed the new Gun Czar. Only thing Costas asks for is an AK 47 for protection.

The White House will be painted half white and half black in honor of Obama. They will fly a flag bearing the picture of Obama and The Muslim Brotherhood.

These are the predictions that I believe will happen in 2013. I’m sure there will be others but the ones I listed above will be the most important ones.


by: Robert Bretz





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