I’m Barack Obama And I Approve Of These Lies

The debates are finally over and the election is Tuesday so we won’t have to listen to Obama’s lies for long. That’s if Obama...

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When Laughing Is Not Funny

There are so many other titles I could have come up with about last nights debate. I could have titled this article “Here I...

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The R.O.E. Rules of Engagement

How long and how many horrible rules and mistakes do we have to go through by the Obama Regime? It’s one thing after another....

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It’s A New Day America, Wake Up

One day Americans woke up and didn’t recognize their country anymore. Some looked out of their windows and saw tanks in the streets. No...

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The Day The Music Died

I started writing an article on the Obama Care ruling last week but never completed it as the Wisconsin site went down. This gave...

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Obama vs The Constitution

Has there ever been a President with such total disregard for our Constitution? Not only the President but just about everyone who’s on the...

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Stop Kimberlin 2012!

We join other bloggers on both on the Left and on Right in calling on congress to STOP Brett Kimberlin. Here’s one of the...

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Walker Wins Big In Wisconsin Recall

Yesterday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker won his recall Election. Also, winning were Lt.Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and 3 of the 4 State Senators being recalled....

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Fans of Wisconsin: Let’s Recall Civility

In Wisconsin, we love our sports. The Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Badgers, Panthers, and Golden Eagles have done us proud. Prior to a big game, you...

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I Love Satire


I just love writing and reading satire articles. Ann Coulter is great at this until she went crazy writing article after article about how...

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Summer Of Discontentment

Now that the occupiers are out of hibernation we can look for more fun from them the rest of this spring and into summer....

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God Bless The USA?

I was planning on writing this article ever since I heard that children, in a Grade School, out East had to sing the song...

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