Letter To Attorney George Felos

December 21, 2012

by: Robert Bretz

Dear George Felos,

I couldn’t be prouder than I am of you after the brilliant work you did on having Terri Schiavo disposed of. You are now my new hero. Before you, it was Dr. Krevorkian and before him, Judas.

Michael Schiavo, Judge Greer and the rest of the Marxist Socialists can finally get some much needed rest with Terri murdered. I mean gone, sorry. Michael can go back to his Mistress and his 2 children with her. Judge Greer can come out of hiding and take all the contributions from Law Firms such as yours without any problems and you can go back on your speaking tour advocating the right to die which is the American way and right; right?

Some morons think Terri died in an inhumane way just because God Greer; I mean Judge Greer said she couldn’t have anymore food or fluids. I’m sure she must have told Micheal, if I’m ever disabled don’t give me any food or water. Who wants those stupid disabled people running around in this country. All they do is take all the good parking spaces. If we don’t have to put up with then anymore we all can park a lot closer.

Now to get to the real reason I’m writing you. I would like to hire you. You see, my wife has this sinus problem. It’s very annoying. I think it’s called post nasal drip or something like that. She’s had this problem for several years now. When she first discovered she had this problem she told me and I’m telling you the truth, just as Michael Schiavo told you about Terri. She told me if I ever have to take sinus medication I don’t want to live. Now the Doctor tells us the only way to clear up her problem is: you guessed it: Sinus medication.

Like Michael Schiavo would say to the nurses about Terri and I quote “When Is The Bitch Going To Die”, I say “When Is The Bitch Going To Stop Hacking”?

So you can see I need your help desperately. I don’t want those idiot Republicans getting involved either. All most of them care about is saving the Unborn or the innocent. What about those poor murderers on death row? All they get is 3 appeals and after only 20 years after their killings they’re put to death. What kind of callous country do we live in? Now those Republicans want to drill for oil in Alaska. Don’t they care about the Caribou or the Moose or is it Meese? Not Ed, killing mink and cutting down trees.

I’m asking you to take this case to get rid of my poor sickly wife knowing she wants it this way. Really, who can live with sinus problems?

If you take this case I’ll be able to get you more business. My son fractured his hand playing football in high school so you know he’s probably going to get some arthritis some day. We don’t want a country full of arthritic people either; do we?

Thank you in advance.


Robert Bretz



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