September 23, 2013

Well Barack Obama has made a red line to Syria which he now denies but Obama has crossed far too many lines of our Constitution.

The latest and I believe the worse is his waiving Federal Law which states we can’t sell weapons to our enemies. Yet Obama sees nothing wrong with giving arms to the Rebels in Syria. These rebels consist mostly of Al Queda and The Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbellah and all these terrorist groups are off shoots of the Brotherhood that was fonded in 1959.

Al Queda has been our biggest enemy since the great Jimmy Carter years. You remember when Carter threw The Shah of Iran under the bus because of his Human Rights agenda. We all know how that turned out: don’t we. The Middles East has not been the same since.

What Obama has done is clear treason and should be dealt with as such. Where is Congress, again, on this matter as with so many others? The Marxist Party couldn’t care less what Obama does and the Republicans are spineless wimps. Of course John McCain, the self appointed Spokesperson along with Lindsey “Wimpy” Graham are all for us to give aide to the enemy. In fact McCain was ticked because Obama didn’t mention, his rebel friends, during Obama’s speech, to the Nation, last week. So we now know that McCain is on friendly terms with our enemies and if McCain is for it Graham will be too.

You hear people, on the left complaining that so many children are being killed in Syria. What about Obama’s drones? They’ve killed many women, children and innocent people too. And what about the murder of the unborn? The left doesn’t care at all about any abortions. They are the ones who love abortions. Ask Barbara Boxer of California. She’s never met an abortion she didn’t like.


There are so many times that Obama could have been tried for treason only to have nothing done to him but this is the extreme. Sure Chemical Weapons have been used in Syria but were they really used by Bashar Al Alsad or were they used by the rebels? I don’t believe anything Obama says nor do I believe our new War Hawk, Secretary of State, John Kerry. They’ve said plenty and proved nothing. Kerry, as some of you can remember, lied before Congress, in 1971, about the atrocities done by his fellow soldiers. John Kerry was pictured many times with “Hanoi” Jane Fonda. He was the only soldier I knew that took a camera crew with him to Vietnam.

Obama wants to rid Syria of Al Alsad to get the Muslim Brotherhood in control of that country the same way he did in Egypt. Fortunately for Egypt and unfortunately for Obama this didn’t work. What Obama did in Egypt will have bad lasting results in Egypt as they will in Syria if he gets his way.

Obama and McCain’s friends, the rebels, have captured Syrian soldiers and beheaded them. They also cut some of the soldiers open and took out their hearts and other organs. These are friends? Maybe it’s time for McCain to join Nancy Pelosi in The Home For The Aged. There he will get all his Depends for free and can play poker on his I phone all day.

It’s also time that our Congress gets serious and start Impeachment proceedings against Obama for being a traitor. The Senate probably wouldn’t convict him of treason but we have to do something. Of course, the House has to start these Impeachment hearings but with John ‘Spineless” Boehner as Speaker that also is grasping at straws. We need new leadership in both the House and the Senate and we need it next year or it’s all over. There are still some good Republicans, in the House, that would make great leaders. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, Trent Franks of Arizona and Jim Jordan of Ohio would be perfect in the leadership role.

The Senate is another story. Not much to pick from. Mitch McConnell is somewhat better than Boehner and Eric Cantor but not a true conservative leader. Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas are the only true conservatives but I wouldn’t mind seeing David Vitter of Louisiana and John Thune of South Dakota take on some leadership roles.

How long are we going to put up with Barack Obama? Do “We The People” sit back and just complain? Is there anything we can do? If we wait out Obama’s term how much more distruction can this country take.

Right now, other than our spineless Congress, the only thing that can take down Obama, Hillary Clinton and many others is getting the true facts out about Benghazi but it’s been over a year and there has been no justice for the 4 brave Americans who lost their lives because we didn’t do anything. Whoever gave the Stand Down order got it from the White House. Where was Obama for those 8 hours that Christopher Stevens and the others were calling for help on deaf ears. We do know he was getting ready for a fund raiser the next day but where was he when this was happeing? Was he playing cards as he was when Osama bin Laden was killed contrary to the photo ops that were once again phony?

In earlier days committing treason was taken care of by hanging the traitor. It seems today nothing happens. I’m saying right now that something has to happen. God has given the United States more than any country on this earth and we can’t sit by and watch America go up in flames as the Middle East is doing. We need to, also, protect, our number 1 ally, Israel. We know that after Obama’s 5 years in office he doesn’t care one iota about Israel. God has said:  “Whoever stands with Israel, I will stand with them and whoever is against Israel I will be against”.

In conclusion as said before something has to be done to our Traitor In Chief. What can and will be done is anyones guess. We just can’t let these tresonous acts go undone.


by: Robert Bretz

Jimmy Carter

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