Coronation Of A King

February 11, 2013

Well it’s been 3 weeks now since we saw the Coronation of King Obama. I wouldn’t turn on the television all day because the MSM would be giving our King all these unearned accolades. I didn’t want to throw up either.

I remember when we used to Inaugurate Presidents but not anymore. Maybe we’ll get a chance again in the future but I do have my doubts.

Now, we as subjects, are suppose to follow Obama because he knows more than anyone else what’s good for the country he badly messed up. He was quoted as saying that the Republicans have to compromise with him and he doesn’t have to do any compromising with the Republicans because he knows everything that is good for this country. Actually when was the last time the Republicans didn’t give him anything he wanted. Thank you John Boehner. Some may call what he said arrogant or narcissistic. I would call it both and some other choice words.

As much as King Obama knows about running our country he sure has messed things up almost to the point of no return.

His immigration program is nothing but Amnesty to about 30 million Illegal Aliens. I know the media would like us to believe it’s only 11 or 12 million but research says otherwise.

He has taken OUR country away from us. The King and his court are ruling over us. I’m trying to think what position would be higher than King because Valerie Jarrett, well known Communist from Iran, would have that position.

One thing we all know is that we don’t have a spending problem. This is the new talking point of all in his party. The problem supposedly lies in health care. I can’t figure that one out because first, Obama Care hasn’t started yet and secondly, the government isn’t paying for our health care: we are! Every paycheck we receive money comes out for Medicare so where is this money? Isn’t this like social security which is  suppose to be kept in a separate fund. I wouldn’t think that the King and Congress would steal from this fund and use it for something else! That would be criminal. So if we don’t have a spending problem why is the deficit $16.5 Trillion? Is this all because of George W. Bush? Most Americans still think it is though most Americans are politically dumb.

Now Obama Care will start in 2014 although we’re already paying for it. The leftist told us it would probably cost $2500.00 a year to cover a family. Now the IRS is saying that the actual cost will be more like $20000.00 a year for family coverage. That comes out to $1666.67 a month to be covered which will be the law. How many people will really be able to pay this amount for health care? A lot of us will be fined and then put in jail. Maybe we’ll be able to get an exemption like the Unions and friends of the King. Not likely!!

Now a report has come out that the economy has actually lost -1% for the last quarter of 2012. Some say that Hurricane Christie, I mean Hurricane Sandy was the cause. What will be the cause the next quarter? Unemployment has been stubborn at just under 8% though the real rate is about 14 to 18% when you calculate the people who gave up looking for a job. Yes, the King has all the answers. If the Republicans would have given everything that Obama wanted we would be doing great. Oh they did give Obama everything he wanted and now the Republicans are spending their days looking for a spine. So now  with Obama knowing everything why are we, as a country, going bankrupt? Many are predicting that later this year we will be bankrupt. Yes the greatest country in the world going bankrupt because we don’t have a spending problem. What we do have is an intelligence problem in Washington.

Just recently the King promised Egypt, our enemy, Fighter Jets and Tanks. These will be used against Israel and against us by The Muslim Brotherhood who have taken over most of the Arab countries. Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, brought a vote to the Senate floor as to not send these weapons to Egypt but both the House and the Senate voted to send them anyway. Some of the reasons the Republicans gave couldn’t have been any more lame. Supposed Conservatives such as Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin said that we should honor our commitments so we can expect these Rogue countries to honor their commitments to us. I’m still laughing at the insanity of these bright statements. Yes I bet that Egypt, Syria and Iran would honor any commitments to the United States.

Now we have the fight over the 2nd Amendment: Gun Control. Almost every Marxist President has tried to take guns away from us, the American citizen. In doing so we wouldn’t have any protection against Tyranny from our own Government. Does anyone remember when Germany took guns away from their people and other countries with Despot leaders did the same?

Just the other day former policeman and all around nice guy Christopher Dorner shot up a few people including some police officers. The nice guy term is what I’m using from reading from the media. What you don’t read from the media in Dorner’s Manifesto. He loved King Obama and Queen Obama and Hillary Clinton and many other Hollywood type weidos. Then to top it all off Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Senators from California, requested that the citizens should disarm themselves so there wouldn’t be anymore bloodshed. They didn’t stop there though. They asked Law Enforcement to do the same. Who can argue with them? It all makes sense that if we’re all disarmed Dorner will just walk into the nearest police station and turn himself in and say he’s sorry and he didn’t know what got into him. What happens next? All is forgiven. Such twits we have a on the left. Complete fools.

Well this is our new country under the King. Maybe someday the Republicans will put up a real Conservative to run for President much to the disappointment of Karl Rove and the Republican Establishment. Maybe if John McCain or Willard Romney would have attacked the King we woudn’t be in this situation. You have to remember that McCain wouldn’t let any of his people say Obama’s middle name probably because Hussein would be even more of a Muslim name than Barack Hussein Obama. Then Romney sat back and had chance after chance to attack Obama’s record and attack him about Benghazi but didn’t want to bring up such a sore subject to the King..

So now we’re just waiting for the inevitable to happen. We just don’t know when.


by: Robert Bretz










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