Cliven Bundy: Patriot or Lawbreaker

April 21, 2014

To me the answer is easy if Cliven Bundy is a Patriot or lawbreaker. He, in my opinion, is a patriot who is standing up to the Federal Government the way many of us want to. Sure Bundy owes money for grazing fees but he stopped paying after the government started spending all the ranchers monies for their own good. Is it so bad to have Bundy’s cows graze on government land? It’s not hurting the Desert Tortoise. Maybe the feds don’t appreciate the cows flatulents disturbing the air quality but Harry Reid has already done that.

So does what Bundy is doing so bad that the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has to bring a SWAT team plus 200 agents and snipers to show Bundy they mean business? Wouldn’t the federal government do better to put these agents, SWAT teams and snipers on our border to stop all the illegal aliens from entering our country unlawfully? ¬†These illegals come here ¬†and work illegally for all these businesses who want cheap labor. Of course, most of the money these illegals make is sent back to families in Mexico or wherever they came from. The rest of the money is spent on booze to get drunk and kill many Americans while driving illegally. Most of the illegals live together. It’s not unlikely that about 12 or more live together.

These illegals, that go to our schools have taken over these schools. Mexican flags are often hung instead of the American flag. One of these episodes was when an illegal put up a Mexican flag and an American student took it down only to be suspended.

But back to Bundy, yes he does owe the federal government money that he hasn’t paid since 1993 when the Desert Tortoise was declared an Endangered Species.This is a joke as bad as not letting drilling at the Alaskan Pipeline because of the Caribou. Now Obama is going to wait until after the elections to disapprove the Keystone Pipeline. The government is out of control and Bundy, the States Militia’s, other ranchers and friends have had enough and they’re taking a stand. This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Hopefully this will give others the courage not to sit still anymore and fight back.

I’m not an Anarchist but a Patriot as most of you are. I’m very pleased that the Militia hasn’t left Bundy’s ranch because as Harry Reid said “This isn’t over yet”. Of course it’s not over for Harry Reid. He and his son, Rory, have their hands in the Solar Company, working with China, that is only 45 miles from the Bundy ranch. Of course Neil Keinze, who was Reid’s Chief of Staff for 6 years is the Director of the BLM. When he took the job, while only being 35 years old, he started near the top and became Director in just a few years. If you listen to Dana Perino, of Fox'”The Five” and former George Bush Press Secretary, they have all been exonerated that there is any wrong doing by both Reid’s and Keinze. She says this and no one questions her sources.

I believe there will eventually be a lot of bloodshed from this. Bundy and the others are prepared to die for their principles. Before meeting with the BLM they gather in prayer. Many of the BLM agents, I heard, don’t want to be there and won’t even raise their guns. Of course there’s always some scum who would like nothing better than to shoot them all. Our government agencies, like the BLM, FBI, Secret Service have changed so much from what they used to be. Years ago only good outstanding citizens became these agents. It’s the same with many police today. They’ve lowered the standards so low that many low life’s have gotten in and they love the power they have.

I pray that Cliven Bundy and the rest get through all this unscathed. It all depends on how far the Reid’s want to take this and we all know you can never trust anyone on the left. One thing I believe is that Bundy is not a freeloader but some one with principles. He has said he would pay the county any monies he owes. He believes that the land belongs to the state and not the federal government. I think most of us are tired of the federal land grabs. This didn’t start with Obama but he would take anything away from us Americans. Bill Clinton was behind this as he was with so much that is going on today.

Now we wait to see what will happen. Whatever happens don’t expect Cliven Bundy and the others to back down. This could be the start of a revolution that we haven’t seen since the Boston Tea party.


By; Robert Bretz

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